Castleford Free Library 1905-2005

Castleford Free Library book cover.Not many libraries have a history written about them, but we at Castleford are passionate about ours. So much so, we wanted to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of its existence in book form.

The book Castleford Free Library 1905-2005 was commissioned by the Friends Of Castleford Library. Its members Margaret Lound and Pat Bentley wrote and researched the book.

This fascinating and well researched book tells the story of how the people of Castleford received their Free Public Library in 1905 and the subsequent expansion of the town's library service in the next one hundred years.

This gem of a book has 178 pages, 90 of which are of illustrations, of which many have not been seen before. It is a must for local historians. Some fascinating questions we hope you will enjoy finding out within the book are:-

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