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Castleford Forum Film Archive Project


In the Castleford library local studies collection there languishes old cinema film that have been donated many years ago and have been for years gathering dust and decaying. Besides 16mm film there is various VHS video tapes.

These films are today very hard to display and more so less able to show the public, which is what the donations were intended to do.

FOCAL and Castleford Library has identified that these film have historic value to the town and feel they must be saved and brought back in to use by up to dating there format so the public can once again access them.


  • The project wishes to convert the film in to digital medium so it can be accessed by disc or website.
  • Hold the restored film shown at events at the library.
  • Appeal to local film enthusiasts to form a film club.
  • Appeal to the general public for donations of events of Castleford on film to be deposited in the archive.
  • Engage with local youths through schools or college to produce a contemporary film made by the youth of Castleford to add to the collection.
  • Raise funds to support the project through book sales, small grants, community Fund.
  • Provide correct storage for the film archive.


  • The project will contribute a permanent historical and contemporary film footage of Castleford to the local, regional and national archive.
  • It will appeal to all ages.
  • Provide visual documentation of Castleford life.
  • Profile awareness adds participation of the archive.
  • The project could be part of a qualification through schools/college.
  • Arrange events/film show to the general public.
  • Create a visitor attraction for the forum.

Funding such a project has to come from the group, With generous donations of second hand books from the general public we have in 2014 held a number of book sales at the library and within the Old Market Hall and Carlton Lanes, raising a sum of 600.

We identified four reels of film which we wished to digitise and become the catalyse and the start of the new project. We applied for funding 945 to the Neighbourhood Improvement Fund to carry out such work. The great news is we were successful and a big thanks to Wakefield Council (Communities) for supporting us.

To a fantastic audience in the library of over a 100 people we launched the Castleford On Film Project on 24/25 April 2015.

Over the weekend the fantastic renovated films were shown, they ignited interest and many people who were on the films had a great time remonising. It also brought people who have since donated films which are now housed in the collection and are ready for you to watch on DVD.

If you would like to donate a copy of your film please contact the library local studies.