The Friends of Castleford Library (FOCAL) support Castleford Library by providing funds for projects and special equipment and materials outside the scope of the regular library budget.

The library highlighted that a modern way of commuting with its users would be the addition of visual technology. Always ever ready to please and assist, FOCAL purchased for the library, with help from a Ward 4 Neighbourhood Improvement Grant, a 48 inch Sony Brava wall mounted monitor, which will be used for public display and education.

FOCAL monitor and several members

The monitor has already enabled the library to show some of its extensive range of local history photographs and it is receiving a very warm welcome from people who stop and look and reminisce at all the photos. A reminiscence session has taken place with people from the age of 14 to 80 years old enjoying the experience. The monitor is a key aid to passing on information as posters sometimes get lost on notice boards. Because the screen is ever changing, people take notice. A useful What's On presentation will highlight upcoming local and library events.

Most recently the monitor was used as part of an official unveiling of the replica medals of Thomas Bryan VC which are housed in the library. The monitor showed a recording of the day the Thomas Bryan VC blue plaque was unveiled outside the library.

There are plans to show the Castleford on Film collection and much more. So when you pop into the library remember to stop and check out the monitor, because libraries offer more than just books.

David Wilders
Chairperson (FOCAL)