Castleford Library Pictures 3

The old Castleford library closed its present doors in December 2011. It opened it's doors to a new generation of users in December 2013. FOCAL have recorded the closure and the building of the new building in a series of photographs.

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No 21
May 2012. Stripped back to basics reveals vaulted ceiling.

No 22
May 2012. Large windows looking on to Carlton Street will allow lots of natural daylight.

No 23
May 2012. On stripping back, original display cabinets on the ground floor entrance are revealed after many decades of being boarded over.

No 24
May 2012. Renovations on the library frontage being carried out.

No 25
May 2012. Renovation to the windows of the library.

No 26
May 2012. Foundations laid for erection of concrete pillars to support floors.

No 27
May 2012. Workmen building up steel cages for concrete supports.

No 28
May 2012. A view of the whole site, erecting casing to take concrete supports.

No 29
June 2012. Building well under way with concrete floors and walls up to second floor.

No 30
May 2012. Side view of the floors which show concrete stairwells in situation.